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WhirlyReeler is a mechanism for reeling (or winching) cables of any type. It has some unique features that make it useful reeling electrical or fibre cables, where there is a device on the end of the cable that is both suspended by, and fed data or power via, the cable itself.

An example could be lifting a microphone or camera.

Whirly Reeler is protected by UK patent GB2589123: International patents applied for.

Come and see us on stand A36 at the PLASA show, Olympia, LONDON, 4 -6 September 2022

Base Unit

Carefully packaged into the minimum amount of space, the ‘Base Unit’ contains all the necessary mechanics and electronic motion control for a single axis; all the base unit needs is to be provided with PELV (60vDC) power, 24VDC E-stop and control voltages, and data from a host controller. In order to assist positioning the base unit, it can be orientated either ‘Landscape’ or ‘Portrait’ – with two choices of cable exit.

Diverter Unit

For situations where a reeler cannot be located directly above the hole in the ceiling where the mic cable needs to drop (perhaps due to space constraints in the ceiling space), WhirlyReeler can offer a small, powered, drop pulley.

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